Church During Covid-19

In the high-risk category or feeling sick? 

Join us online Sundays at 10:00am

Responding to the Pandemic 

The Evangelistic Center staff and volunteers are hard at work to keep our gatherings safe and sanitary for you and your family. We have put specific procedures in place to aid in this effort. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have worked closely with city officials and healthcare professionals to keep our environments operating safely so that we continue our mission to help our community and neighbors Live A Better Life.

All members, guests, volunteers and staff are required to wear a face mask {covering nose & mouth}  at all times while in the facility. 


Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.


If you’re feeling sick, we ask that you please join us online. See below for Self CHeck Health Assessment Questions.


We know you want to greet each other, but to help limit the spread of germs, please avoid handshakes and hugs. Maintain social distancing, at least 3ft from others.

Keeping You Safe

We’ve made changes to how we plan and have services and events to mitigate the spread of germs during this season. 


  • Pre-Registration is required
  • Drop off begins at 9:30am and ends at 9:55am
  • All adults and children will be required to wear face coverings
  • EC Kids will observe social distancing while in the children’s area 
  • Limited capacity in all designated rooms 
  • We’ve created a touch-free experience at kids check-in-stations, entrances, and exits
  • No snacks will be provided
  • EC Kids will receive individual supplies and materials that will be stored in individual bags inside cubbies. 

Services & Events 

  • Limited capacity at all services and events 
  • Every other row  will be staggered in our auditorium to allow 3ft social distancing per family 
  • All staff and volunteer temperatures are checked before services and events 
  • You’ll find hand sanitizer stations throughout all common areas in our buildings
  • All water fountains are closed 
  • We have removed all handouts, notes, cards, and pens from our seatbacks 
  • There is a limited number of occupants allowed in restrooms at one time 
  • We have a designated room for any potential sick person to wait until they can get home or to a healthcare facility

Questions? Here are some answers.

What are your cleaning and sanitation steps? 

    • We clean and disinfect communal spaces after each service and event. 
    • We clean and disinfect high touch areas such as, touch screens, printers, light switches, restrooms, tables, buttons, handrails, faucets, doorknobs, shared toys, and any common touch points of surfaces that will be utilized by multiple individuals. 
    • We work with local and state health departments to ensure appropriate protocols and guidelines, such as, updated/additional guidance for cleaning and disinfection, are followed. 

What if I’m in the high risk category or feeling sick? 
We invite you to join us online Sundays at 10:00am.

Self- Check Health Assessment Questions: 

  1. Have you or any member of your household had any COVID-19 symptoms (cough, fever, chills, muscle pain, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, sore throat, new loss of taste of smell) in the past 24 hours or had a temperature that is elevated for you, 100 F or greater?

  1. Have you or any member of your household had any close contact in the last 14 days with someone with a diagnosis of COVID-19?

  1. Have you or any member of your household traveled internationally or outside of the state in the last 14 days?

  1. Have you or anyone in your household visited or received treatment in a hospital, nursing home, long-term care, or other health care facility in the past 30 days?

  1. Are you or anyone in your household a health care provider or emergency responder that may potentially have a high level of exposure to COVID-19?

If you answered yes to #1 or #2, we are unable to have you on campus at this time. Please monitor your health and we hope to see you back on campus soon.

If you answered yes to #3, #4, or #5 please evaluate the environments you’ve been exposed to and if there’s any reason to reconsider being in a large community gathering. Talk to our campus Welcome Team members with any questions.

How can I continue giving if I am unable to attend service? 

  • Online Giving is available for your convenience here.
  • You can mail your tithe and offering here: 
    • Evangelistic Center Church , Attn: Accounting Team , 1800 Washington Blvd, Kansas City KS 66102

Service Time

Sundays at 10 AM

Wednesday at 7 PM


(913) 233-2992


1800 Washington Blvd.
Kansas City, Kansas 66102