Evangelistic Center Youth Ministry (ECYM – Grades 6 – 12)

ECYM understands the need for a strong youth ministry in today’s world. During the teenage years, it is imperative that youth build a solid foundation, deeply rooted in the Word of God. Participants are encouraged to make the Church their own. Youth need to know they belong to the Church, and the Church belongs to them. Bishop Jack Vaughn advocates equipping youth with necessary tools, according to God’s Word, so their lives will honor Jesus Christ.

Uniquely, ECYM reaches young people in ways relevant to them… their culture, and life’s circumstances.

ECYM seeks to raise lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. Godly lifestyles, devotion to prayer, passion for sharing the love of Christ, and commitment to social involvement dominate the teaching agenda.

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Society of Gentlemen ( SOG Boys)

Society of Gentlemen is a cause-driven mentoring program. It targets teenage African American males in middle and high school. Bishop Vaughn targets African American males, who suffer more than other ethnic groups disproportionately from social ills in education, employment, health care and housing. According to statistics, they are victimized by crime, more likely. These problems contribute to soaring rates African American males have been incarcerated, as well as, relegated to some form of criminal justice supervision. Negative consequences affect individual victims and offenders, families and communities.

“In order to bring positive meaningful change within individuals and communities, we must focus firstly on changing the lives of our teenage African American males”.


Tailored Made Vessels (TMV (Girls)

Teenage girls gain much needed exposure through service learning projects in their local community, and they build life changing, healthy relationships in the Tailored Made Vessels Mentoring Program. The goal is to develop positive teenage role models. Many teen girls are demanded to comply with negative peer pressures in cycles of defeat, abuse, and lack of quality education. TMV is here to direct teen girls to a path which breaks negative patterns of self-defeat, low self-esteem – all contributors to an identity crisis.