What Does Fatigue Look Like in Your Life

Working at a job that is not particularly exciting or mentally stimulating can take a toll on your mental well-being. In order to keep yourself engaged in your job, you need to recognize certain fatigue symptoms which may manifest themselves in a number of different ways, such as:

  • Being physically exhausted during and after work
  • Letting a bad mood seep into your personal life
  • Only being able to think about work

Physical Exhaustion

Being physically exhausted after work can make it difficult to do much of anything other than sit down or lay in bed for several hours. This can often lead to not doing anything with family or friends on the weekends, since you may see this as the perfect time to help your body rest and recharge. Social withdrawal will have a bad effect on current relationships, and will prevent you from creating new ones.

Negative Feelings

Allowing how you feel about your work to affect your personal life is one of the biggest fatigue symptoms someone can experience. When this happens, you will start alienating those close to you, especially a spouse or children, since they will be the ones who deal with you the most in your home. If you cannot leave your job right now, you need to be able to compartmentalize how you feel about it once you walk out of your employer’s door for the day.

Being Unable to Detach

If the only thing you can think about at home is your work, either things that need to be done or how much you dislike it, you need to make a change as soon as you can. Allowing work to take over your personal time is damaging to everyone around you. Your boss will always tell you to not let your personal life affect your work, you need to be able to realize that the opposite is true as well.

Any of these fatigue symptoms that come up and stay with you for very long can have a very bad impact on your mental, physical, and spiritual health. The solution to this problem may be changing jobs, or even changing careers completely. It is important to do something that you can at least tolerate to the point where you are not constantly stressing out about going to work, or letting work affect yourself when you are not on the clock.

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