Preventing Job Burnout

By February 17, 2015Best Practices

Job burnout happens to almost everyone. It can be caused by numerous things, such as working too long, having too big of a work load, stress due to deadlines and more. The problem with job burnout is that it can not only affect your performance at work – burnout often causes  you to slow down, do your job poorly or even become uninterested in work – it can also lead to mental and physical health issues. Job burnout causes stress, which in turn can cause depression and can even make it easier for you to get sick. The following are a few methods for preventing job burnout.

Seek support
Burnout often occurs as a result of over self-reliance. When you begin treating your responsibilities at work as your call, your job can become a burden to your spirit. Remember that even though work often gives our lives a sense of meaning and purpose, God does not equate your identity with your work. You need to trust God to accomplish His own will and to ask Him for wisdom and direction. Reading through the scripture or speaking with a priest or a preacher can help to renew your spirit and to give you the emotional and spiritual strength to overcome your burnout.

Focus on your body’s health
If you aren’t eating properly or sleeping enough, you are more vulnerable to job burnout. Your body needs energy in order to sustain itself throughout the day. This means eating three balanced meals a day and eating light and healthy snacks to hold you over and give you bursts of energy. If you aren’t eating right or sleeping enough, it can lead to feeling tired all of the time and even feelings of depression. If your body is unhealthy, your mind will become unhealthy as well. Remember, God stressed the importance of rest on the seventh day of creation with the Sabbath command. Don’t over extend yourself by over working. Even Moses was advised to delegate tasks involving the judging of the nation so that he didn’t burn out because of how important God views personal care as being.

We often get too caught up in work, identifying ourselves with what we do and judging ourselves with our accomplishments at work. This will only lead to burnout. Look to the scripture for spiritual renewal and keep your personal health in mind to avoid burnout.

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