Importance of Mentorship

By January 11, 2015Mentorship

Mentorship is very important among our youth these days as parents are often busy with day to day schedules and life being full of challenges. It is more important now than ever to see the value of mentorship in our youth. As more people are born into the world, the harder life becomes to find that special example for our children. If we parent alone or if parents are not available for special attention to children when this special attention is needed daily in their lives.

John Wooden was the example of a mentor in many athletes’ lives. He was the coach at UCLA for many years and had many championships in his long rewarding career. He had several things he lived by and taught his players to live by. John Wooden was a living mentor to those who were under his tutelage. Kareem Abdul Jabbar was just one of the many students who had the pleasure of being a player on John Wooden’s Teams in college and does speak of the wonderful affect that John played in his life.

There were many successes from John’s teams and those students took the mentorship that they learned under John with them and still speak of it today in their lives. They were impressed and helped by each lesson learned even if it was a hard lesson. They learned from John in great ways. John Wooden was a Christian and made no apology for such, in fact, he always stated that having faith was a building block in his ideals of success.

Faith in God and your ability to succeed were important on the bottom of John’s foundational building blocks for a successful life. John had a very success filled life in love, family, relationships, career and most of all himself. He lived a very long life dying at the age of 99 with happiness and fulfillment in his life even being the perfectionist he was on the basketball court and in his life.

John believed that satisfaction was important along with hard work, talents used properly and practice. Many of John’s students went on to be dentists, doctors, athletes, and professionals of all kinds. He was proud of this because he had influence in their lives and it showed from his coaching them in life skills and on the court.

John Wooden had a seven point creed which is great for any young man or woman growing up under mentorship and learning to be a success in God. This creed is worth keeping and living by for anyone because it shows just how much we need to accomplish in ourselves to move forward each day in grace.

Seven Point Creed

  1. Be True To Yourself
  2. Make Each Day Your Masterpiece
  3. Help Others
  4. Drink Deeply From Good Books especially the Bible
  5. Make Friendship A Fine Art
  6. Build a Shelter against a Rainy Day
  7. Pray for Guidance and Give Thanks for Your Blessings Every Day


This may seem simple but how often do we truly do these seven things each day? Even a quiet day can be a masterpiece if done in earnest. Mentorship can help in all of these aspects for young people to understand themselves and what their talents are. As young people are encouraged they can achieve their goals and have fun doing this watching their lives can change for the better each day they wake up. This creed is just a great example of mentorship because John Wooden received this creed from his father who John often said was his own wonderful mentor.

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