Leadership Team


Bishop Vaughn, B.A.

Senior Pastor

Pastor Carolyn, MS, CPCC, ACC

Executive Pastor


Tommi White

Minister of Music

Justin Vaughn, M.B.A

Executive Director of Ministry Operations – MBA

Chuck Cooper

Director of Clergy

Julian Vaughn, B.S.

Executive Director of Music Development

Michael Davis

Youth Ministry Coordinator

Michelle Manning

Executive Director of Children’s Ministry

Support Team

Mary Ricketts

Director of New Membership

Deborah McCraney-Jones, M.Ed.

Director of Nursery

Stephanie Womack

Director of Visitor Services

Damian Caldwell

Director of EC Foundation Home

Tonesia Vaughn, M.A.

Tailored Made Vessels Mentoring Program Coordinator

LeeAndra Johnson

Executive Director of EC Foundation

Sherry McDonald

Director of Membership Services

Garron Haynes

Society of Gentlemen Mentoring Program Coordinator